Saturday, April 22, 2017

לצעוק את החלומות שלי :-) Shouting Out My Dreams

I'm following the blog "The List" (with a book with the same title) written by Yuval Abramovitz. I finally decided to take the plunge and shout out my dreams to the world.
I welcome you to do the same. You can share my list with everyone :-)Who knows who can help me make my dreams come true?
I share my list both in English and in Hebrew for your convenience.
Let's shout our dreams to the world ! :-)

אני עוקבת, כפי שאתם בטח שמים לב, אחרי הבלוג של יובל אברמוביץ' בשם "הרשימה" (עם ספר באותו שם). החלטתי לעשות את הצעד סוף סוף ולפרסם את הרשימה שלי לעולם ולצעוק את חלומותיי לעולם.
אני מזמינה את כל הקוראים את הפוסט הזה לעשות כמוני ולפרסם את רשימת החלומות שלהם כאן ובבלוגים שלהם. מי יודע מי יכול לעזור לי להגשים את החלומות שלי?
אני רושמת כאן בעברית ובאנגלית לנוחיותכם.
יאללה בואו נצעק את החלומות שלנו לעולם :-)

My List 
1. Travel to Portugal and Madeira (see the attached photos).

2. Enjoy my new White Micra car
3. I want to learn French, speak, read and write in this language
4. I want to live in a high vibe state and be happy from now on, smile more, laugh out loud, have lots of belly laughs, and dance!!!
5. Attend a Mike Oldfield concert featuring Tubular Bells 2 in Europe


7. Go on a cherry picking trip in the Golan in June
8. I want to learn French, speak, read and write 
:-) I want to speak French with Anne-Cecile when we meet :-)
10. I want to meet a wonderful partner for life (perhaps my "twin flame")
11. To write an international bestseller that will move, excite, make people laugh, empower and inspire millions of people worldwide (I loved Liz Gilbert's book Eat Pray Love), a book that will linger long after people finish reading it.
12. I'd love to attend Jesse Cook's concert
13. To have a massage at Villa Carmel hote boutique every month
14. I want to participate in an amazing party with joyful and extraordinary atmosphere with great music held in a beautiful place and dance all night long!
15. I want to meet my shero (smile) Lisa Nichols, talk and belly laugh with her with tears in our eyes.
16. I want to have an extraordinary meal at a terrific restaurant with great food at a beautiful location while enjoying the excellent company.

הרשימה שלי 
1. לנסוע לטיול לפורטוגל-מדירה 

2. אוטו מיקרה לבן חדש

3. אני רוצה ללמוד צרפתית ולדבר, לכתוב ולקרוא :-) ולדבר עם אן ססיל בשפה זאת כשניפגש :-)

4. אני רוצה לחיות מעתה והלאה בתדר גבוה, היי וייב ובאושר ושמחה, לצחוק ולרקוד המון

5. :-)

6. להיות בהופעה של מייק אולדפילד Tubular Bells 2


8. להיות בהופעה של ג'סי קוק
9. לנסוע לקטיף דובדבנים ביוני הזה, 2017
12. אני רוצה להכיר בן זוג נפלא :-)
13. לכתוב רב מכר בינלאומי שירגש, יצחיק, ייתן השראה וישאיר טעם של עוד אצל אנשים רבים בארץ ובעולם :-)
14. אני רוצה לעשות מסאז' כל חודש בוילה כרמל.
15. אני רוצה להיות במסיבה באווירה נפלאה עם מוסיקה מדליקה ולרקוד כל הלילה במקום מקסים!
16. אני רוצה לפגוש את ליסה ניקולס ולדבר ולצחוק איתה.
17. אני רוצה לאכול במסעדה עם אוכל נפלא במיקום מדהים בחו"ל

Sunday, December 14, 2008

An Extraordinary Performance

Yesterday I spoke with a guy whose name is Erez. He fell in love with Bolivian music years ago and plays with his children in a band called 'Tzlileley Ha'inca'.
A year ago he travelled to Bolivia with his eldest son for the first time. They began to play for fun in the hotel where they stayed and the manager of the hotel who noticed it asked them to play in front of the guests. So these Israeli guys who play Bolivian music performed in front of … Japanese guests who stayed at the hotel. They thought that they are Bolivians but when they found out that they are Israelis they began to take many pictures of them. Think about it: Israelis playing Bolivian music in Bolivia for Japanese guests.

Enjoy some beautiful Bolivian music. Kalamarka

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Very Special Dinner

Something that made me really happy and also surprised me was about a couple (neighbors) who are ultra-orthodox and are my friends too. I met the woman who waited for the bus. I told her that I loved being with them at the Kabalat shabat so much that I want to write this story in my blog in English. She didn't know what a blog is, so I explained her. She loved the idea but she was surprised that I enjoyed myself so much. She told me that they thought it was too long for me or that I didn't like it which was the reason for not inviting me again. I said that I loved it and I could have told her if she asked me. She asked me to print it out after I publish it so her husband could translate it for her, as well as other stories from this blog. She was curious. I couldn't believe it.

They invited me once for a Saturday evening or Kabalat Shabat which was a very special event for me. It was the first time in my life that I had Kabalat Shabat with an ultra-orthodox family. I was surprised to find out how unruly the children were (5) (as in our family…) when the father said the prayer over the bread/hala… The mother begged them to listen but they were more interested in me who smiled all the time. They have beautiful kids. After we finished eating dinner, I was their entertainer and told them stories about Africa. They intently listened to me and loved it. They almost jumped on me giving me a necklace, asking me questions. It was a wonderful experience with much laughter and joy around the table…

You know, the funny thing is that they felt that I didn't like it while at the same time I thought that they didn't want to invite me again because I said something wrong. So we both felt rejected while being totally unaware of that we both enjoyed each other's company. I was so happy to find out that everything was just fine.

Recently the father of the family was strolling with his baby, while
Google Maps drove by and took pictures of the street. He was so happy to see them that he posed with a broad smile on his face to the camera while holding the baby carriage. We know that Google Maps blurs the people (great, BTW). But in this case, please leave this picture as is; don't blur his face.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Be Careful with the Food You Order

I've been to McDonalds awhile ago and ordered a vegetable burger (burger with vegetables, not a veggie one). I took my burger and took a bite. I began to feel my fever rising very quickly. It was a spicy burger. My friend, who saw my face changing colors, was chuckling… I went down to the counter and kind of begged the manager with few tears coming into my eyes and laughing at the same time of my reaction to this food 'It's very spicy'. The guy next to me laughed (the staff giggled too) 'I see steam coming out of your head'. Now that was it and I burst with laughter when I heard this and by seeing people's looks at me in the restaurant.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This Israeli Man Knows how to Dance Life

His name is Lenny Ravich from Dance Life Show. He wrote a wonderful book called 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Enlightenment' which I have read a few times and highly recommend it. Enjoy

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Ruling Class in Tel Aviv

Dogs rule everywhere in Tel Aviv whether you sit at a coffee shop or walk on the street, leashed or unleashed, running around, it's obvious… One day I enjoyed a nice cappuccino while I noticed two pair of doggy eyes staring at me beneath a table next to me. He protected his 'master' there with his food plate at his lap, while a business meeting was taking place on a glass of white wine.